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Config Trigger

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The Config Trigger is extremely straightforward: it tells Airdrop to rebuild assets anytime any value in the configuration array changes.

By default we populate it with your APP_ENV which will keep your development, testing, and production asset builds separate.


2 * Trigger a rebuild when anything in this configuration array
3 * changes. We've started you off with your app's APP_ENV
4 * variable, but you are free to add anything else.
5 */
6ConfigTrigger::class => [
7 // This will keep your dev, test, and prod assets distinct
8 // since they are usually built with different settings.
9 'env' => env('APP_ENV')

You're free to add as many other values as you like.

You can inspect the ConfigTrigger.php class to see how simple it really is, it just returns the config from your airdrop.php.


1class ConfigTrigger implements TriggerContract
3 public function triggerBuildWhenChanged($config = [])
4 {
5 return $config;
6 }
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