We focus on features everyone needs to have, but no one wants to build.

We build software packages for difficult but not unique features, so you can focus on the parts that makes your application unique.

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Packages That Are Actually Maintained

There are a lot of GitHub Ghost Towns out there, packages that started out strong but have long since been abandoned. We're committed to maintaining our products for the long haul.

Thorough and Up-to-Date Documentation

We believe that the documentation is as important as the code. We put a lot of effort into writing thorough, clear, and extensive documentation for each of our packages.

Coming Soon
Refine — A visual query builder for Laravel and VueJS.
Refine is a flexible query builder for your apps. It lets your users filter down to exactly what they're looking for. Completely configured on the backend.
Airdrop — Speed up your Laravel deployments by skipping asset compilation.

Airdrop for Laravel is a package that speeds up your code deploys by skipping your asset build step whenever possible.

Sidecar — Deploy & execute AWS Lambda functions from your Laravel app.

Sidecar is a Laravel package that packages, deploys, and executes AWS Lambda functions from your Laravel application allowing you to run Node, Ruby, Python, and many more languages straight from Laravel.

About Us

Hammerstone is a small team of three developers: Aaron, Colleen, and Sean. We've all been friends for years and came together to form Hammerstone in 2020.

We obsess over the details of the boring stuff, so you can build the cool stuff.

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