A drop-in report builder for Laravel Nova.

Give your team the power to build advanced reports in your Nova application with the Refine package.

Get the answers you need. Fast.

Gone are the days of writing custom reports or maintaining complicated lenses that are constantly changing.

With a UI that looks like native Nova, you can mix and match the conditions in any order to find exactly what you're looking for.

Simple, expressive syntax

Your users will love the interface, your developers will love the code. Define your filters using our prebuilt conditions and we'll handle the interface, validation, and querying.

class CompanyFilter extends Filter
public function conditions()
return [
TextCondition::make('name', 'Name'),
BooleanCondition::make('is_subscriber', 'Subscriber'),
DateWithTimeCondition::make('created_at', 'Created At'),
'twitter' => 'Twitter',
'facebook' => 'Facebook',
'linked_in' => 'LinkedIn'

Before Refine I was spending at least an hour a day searching for teams with certain subscription states and pupil numbers. Now it takes me seconds.

Powerful building blocks

Refine gives you a set of prebuilt conditions that covers most use cases. For everything else, we make it easy to build a custom condition.


Starts with, ends with, contains, doesn't contain, equals; we do it all. Even regex, if you want it.


Data stored as a date? Datetime? Timestamp? No problem, we'll handle it. Most importantly, we'll handle the timezones.


True or false columns, with optional support for nulls. Nulls are true? False? Unknown? We support it all.


Greater than, less than, equals, between; everything you'd expect.


Pick one or more options from a defined set. We'll handle the validation.


Need something custom? Extend any of our conditions or the base condition to meet your needs.

Get started today

Refine for Nova is a one-time purchase and includes updates for a year.


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Simple and transparent pricing

Pay once and get updates for a year. Keep access to your current version forever.

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